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We have designed and built almost 7,000 custom residential pools!

We custom design and build only the custom residential pools for some of the finest residential homes in the Tampa Bay area.

REALTORS! Does your luxury home listing need a pool renovation? It's a great way to maximize the impressiveness of a residential property! Call us at (813) 247-7665 for a complimentary assessment.

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Preferred Pool and Patios designs and builds the custom residential pools in the Tampa metropolitan area. Whether geometric, free form, or naturalistic, we can customize a design that will give you entertainment, leisure, and comfort for many years to come.

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A variable speed pool pump can save up to 90% on your energy bill over a single speed pool pump?
Because we are the leading custom pool builder in the Tampa Bay area, our company is dedicated to informing our customers and the public about pool safety information.
Preferred Pools and Patios is concerned about pool safety. Watch our pool safety video series on safety drain covers, pool and spa covers, and pool alarms.

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Let Preferred Pools and Patios of Tampa design and build your residential pool! Call us at (813) 247-7665.
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We've designed and built over 7,000 pools.
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Call Preferred Pools and Patios today at (813) 247-7665.

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3,000 Pool Renovations! Preferred Pools and Patios provides custom pool renovation services for commercial pools and residential pools. Our pool renovation services and remodeling and resurfacing services include renovating waterline tiles, coping, plaster, pool decking, waterfalls, fountains, spas, and any pool-related equipment.

Oftentimes, our pool remodeling services extend to our hardscaping services, which include building outdoor patios and stairs with the finest natural materials. These include hand-picked travertine tiles and travertine pavers in a wide assortment of styles and colors. We work directly with a large local travertine importer that has over 1,000,000 sq. ft. of travertine inventory, so you are guaranteed to get the same travertine from the same lot as the sample you select.

Contact Preferred Pools and Patios for your custom pool renovation project. We have done over 3,000 pool renovations, and we look forward to doing yours.

Call us at (813) 247-7665.
Tampa's Leading Custom Swimming Pool Builder

Preferred Pools and Patios has built over 7,000 pools over the past three decades. We are very skilled at providing our customers with residential pool designs that fit their property − and their budget − perfectly.

What We Do

We start with a visit to your property, where we'll introduce ourselves, and conduct a site assessment. We'll look at this such as the construction and location of your house, the contour of your land, the soil, the proximity of your envision pool to your neighbors, as well as potential pool safety concerns, such as the amount of neighborhood children and pets.

We ask you exactly what kind of pool you'd like, such as the color of the walls and bottom, which affects the overall "look" of your pool; this could a turquoise Caribbean look, and deep natural look, or a standard aqua blue look. It's really up to you! Then, because we're now in our fourth decade, recommend ways and products to maximize the proper construction of your pool. This may include a paved patio or custom tile and coping work, for example.

We submit a detailed cost estimate to you, which explains all of your pool prices. After you have accepted, we receive your deposit and begin the permitting process immediately.

We then plan the manpower and materials requirements for your pool, and, after receiving all permits, begin the pool construction process.

Your pool will be finished in one to two months after the start of construction.

To help you maintain your pool, we offer "Green" pool supplies in our pool care services.

To schedule a no-obligation, stress-free estimate of your dream pool, call us today at (813) 247-7665.

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Contact us about your custom swimming pool project.