Super Eco-friendly
Power House Floating Fountains Are the ONLY Floating Fountains That Do NOT Use Hydrocarbon Fluids!

We're pleased that Power House Floating Fountains do NOT hurt the environment.
We distribute floating fountains made by The Power House.

We are pleased to distribute Power House brand floating fountains, the national leader in eco-friendly floating fountains!

With our pond fountains, you may choose from 5 different spray patterns: Apollo, Athena, Aphrodite, Poseidon, and Zeus.

Power House pond fountains are available with light kits in green, blue, red, amber, and clear. Serving Tampa and beyond.

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We, at Preferred Pools and Patios of Tampa, are pleased to be one of only two distributors of Power House floating fountains in Florida.

A pond fountain is much more than just a beautiful display of water in motion. A pond fountain aerates, breaks up water columns, fights algae growth, and helps prevent water-born pests, such as mosquitos, which thrive in standing water.

For over 15 years, Power House fountains and aerators have been used by home owner associations, the federal government, state governments, county governments, local municipalities, shopping centers, and many more.

Preferred Pools and Patios is proud to distribute floating fountains and aerators made by The Power House, which are made in the U.S.A. With Power House fountains, installation and beautification of your pond is just plain simple. Power House floating fountain comes in two boxes, which are very easy to unload you. When opened, you simply place the floating fountain in the pond where you’d like it, and the cord runs to the shore. You simply plug the cord in — it’s that simple. You do not require an electrician or special electrical panels to to use it.

With over 10,000 unit sold and in operation, Power House floating fountains are proven to be reliable. They’re also reliable and energy-efficient. The Power House uses a dual-prop unit, which uses 20% less amperage and pumps 25% more water than the competition.

Plus, the Power House is environmentally-friendly. Only fountains and aerators made by the Power House use dyalectric fluid, which is not bioaccumulating and, because it’s not hydrocarbon-based, is completely biodegradable. If, for any reason, our dyalectric fluid, which is based on everyday vegetable oil, leaks from its container, the life of your pond — be it plants, fish or organisms — will not be affected in any way!

The Power House line of fountains features the 2 Horsepower Olympus Series, which offer 5 different spray patterns, and are named after Greek gods: Aphrodite, Poseidon, Apollo, Athena, and Zeus. These fountains are suitable for large pond and commercial applications, and are available in 230 Volt only. Cable lengths are available in 100’, 150’, and 200’ feet lengths.

Lighting Accents
Lighting Accents for Power House fountains comes in either Halogen or LED lights.

Halogen Lighting Accents
Four (4) 20 watt clear lights with a timer and four (4) each of green, amber, blue, and red lenses.

LED Lighting Accents
LED Lighting Accents
(4) 3 watt LED lights with timer in 7 colors — red, yellow, blue, green, aqua, purple and white. The LED lighting accents can be viewed as separate colors or as a color wheel. Plus, the LED accents feature user friendly controls at the power source.

Each lighting system offers cord lengths 50' to 200'. Please call Preferred Pools and Patios for pricing. The most popular length in both models is 100 feet. Both the Halogen and the LED lighting accent selections are available in either 115V or 220V.

> > For more information on Power House floating fountains, please contact Rudy Heiny at Preferred Pools and Patios, Inc. in Tampa, Florida at (813) 247-7665.

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