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For over thirty years, Preferred Pools and Patios, Inc., a Tampa swimming pool company, has designed and constructed over 200 custom commercial pools for hotels and spas, institutions and organizations, and local municipalities. In addition, we have completed over 6,700 residential pools, and over 3,000 pool renovations over the past thirty-plus years. Thank you, Tampa Bay!

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We design and build a full array of custom commercial pools ...

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Pools for Hotels, Apartment Complexes, and Condominium Developments

We specialize in custom designed commercial pools.
Preferred Pools and Patios, Inc., Tampa, Florida
Preferred Pools and Patios specializes in commercial pool construction and renovation. Many of our pool building projects have been for hotels, apartment complexes, and condominium developments throughout Florida. For over thirty years, we have worked with major construction companies in planning, designing, and building custom pools for large franchise hotel chains, small independent hotels, and multi-family residential properties. As a leading Tampa swimming pool company, we pride ourselves in exceeding the expectations of our customers, and we look forward to continuing our dedication to designing, building and renovating world-class hotel, apartment complex, and condominium development pools.
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CUSTOM SPAS … Call (813) 247-7665
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Custom Spas

We build custom spas using the finest materials.
Preferred Pools and Patios, Inc., Tampa, Florida
Preferred Pools and Patios has many years of experience in working with spas in the Tampa Bay area. Spa owners choose Preferred Pools and Patios because of our creativity, experience and value, as well as for our commitment to using state-of-the-art technology. We are very skilled at creating designs and utilizing materials that are conducive to leisure, luxury and relaxation.

Let us help you to create an ambiance of ultimate relaxation … your clients will love it!

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Commercial Pool Overview:

Generally speaking, custom commercial pools are larger than their residential counterparts. While the average residential pool holds 30,000 gallons of water, custom commercial pool can go much larger — for example, the largest commercial pool ever built is in Chile and it’s about 20 acres in size!

A commercial pool is typically larger than a residential swimming pool, and are built to accommodate large bather loads for a specific company, community, or institution.

Company pools would include hotel and lodging franchises and establishments. Second, community pools pertain to pools built for apartment complexes, condominium developments, community centers and planned communities. Third, institutional pools include those designed and constructed for municipalities, public schools, private schools, colleges, universities, YMCA's, military, water parks, and as spas, wellness centers, health clubs, therapy pools (including exercise and rehab pools), and swim clubs.

However, a commercial pool is not just a large residential pool. There are major differences, especially with respect to technology.

Computerized control systems are more complex in larger commercial pools, and other systems need to accommodate much more water volume to be effective in a variety of ways. One important way is to prevent Criptosporidium, commonly referred to as “Crypto,” which is a microscopic parasite that causes cryptosporidiosis, a diarrheal waterborne disease.

Says Rudy Heiny, president of Preferred Pools and Patio, the Tampa swimming pool company and commercial pool contractor and commercial pool renovator, “Another important development in pool technology is the Ultra Violet system, which renders 99.99% of bacteria harmless, is 100% environmentally friendly, and is NSF-50* compliant.”

UV Systems provide the most effective and safe sanitation technology available. Adds Rudy, “You’re seeing more and more commercial pools and spas electing to go with UV systems, which are a great way to remove pathogens like Crypotosporidium, as well as chloramines, a by-product of chlorine that’s been linked to certain respiratory issues.”

There are many species of Cryptosporidium that infect people. The parasite is protected by an outer shell that allows it to survive outside the body for long periods of time and makes it very tolerant to chlorine disinfection. This is precisely why, over the past two decades, there has been a substantial rise in the number of RWI (Recreational Water Illnesses) outbreaks associated with swimming.

Also, custom commercial pools need to accommodate more daily usage (called bather loads) than residential pools. While, during the summer, a family pool may have an average of four people using the pool at one time. In sharp contrast, a commercial pool could average 20, 50, or even more people using the pool at one time. This difference in bather loads creates a different set of issues that need to be addressed with a commercial pool rather than a residential one.

Preferred Pools and Patios understands the issues that are caused with increased bather loads. Our specific knowledge and expertise in commercial pool building and renovation is the primary reason why our company is chosen over our competitors in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, as well as Bradenton, Sarasota and beyond. In fact, it’s up to twice as expensive or more to fix an ill-conceived and -designed commercial pool than it is to design and build it properly the first time! So, you can rely on our knowledge and expertise, and be assured that we will maximize your commercial pool investment the first time.

One major development in custom commercial pool design involves a new set of legal guidelines issued by the U.S. Justice Department in regard to accommodating persons who may be disabled at hotel and lodging establishments.

"… all future hotel pools and spas should build an ADA-compliant lift and slopped entry into their design."

In January 2013, the U.S. Department of Justice issued its latest legal guidelines for pool and spa compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. According to the Department of Justice guideline, hotels and spas are now required to provide at least one means of entry, which could be a pool lift or a slopped entry, as long as it is readily achievable. Further, pools that have 300 linear feet or more of wall length must have a pool lift or means of entry.

It is the position of Preferred Pools and Patios that current hotel pools and spas should be retrofitted with an ADA-compliant lift and slopped entry, as we believe that this guideline is eventually going to become a legal requirement. For this same reason, we think that all future hotel pools and spas should build an ADA-compliant lift and slopped entry into their design.

Regarding new commercial pool construction for hotels, we strongly recommend incorporating ADA-compliant lifts or slopped entries into the actual design of the pool, as it’s less expensive to proactively design either of these means of entry into new pools, rather than to have to retrofit them into existing pools later.

We feel that the ADA-compliance issue is so important, we are the first pool company in the U.S. to create an ADA Compliance Department within our company. If you work for a hotel or lodging establishment and are interested in learning how we can help you meet ADA requirements for your pool, contact us today.

In addition to collaborating with architects and builders in designing state-of-the-art custom pools, we also offer expert hardscaping services. With our hardscaping services, Preferred Pools and Patios can contribute up to 27 points toward LEED® certification for your next design/build project.

Founded by Rudy Heiny, Preferred Pools and Patios has designed, built, and restored custom commercial pools and high-end residential pools in the Tampa metropolitan area for over thirty years. We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, and work with leading architectural firms, builders, planned communities, apartment complexes, condominium developments, spas, therapeutic facilities, municipalities, and companies in Tampa, St. Petersburg, St. Pete, Clearwater, Sarasota, Lakeland, Tarpon Springs, Lakeland Highlands, FL, Gibsonia, FL, Palm Harbor, FL, New Port Richey, FL, Largo, FL, Pinellas Park, FL, Dunedin, FL, Egypt Lake, FL, Tampa Palms, FL, New Tampa, FL, Zephyrhills, FL, Riverview, FL, Plant City, FL, Brandenton, FL, Lakewood Ranch, FL, Siesta Key, FL, Longboat Key, FL, Casey Key, FL, Bird Key, FL, Ellenton, FL, Parrish, FL, Apollo Beach, FL, Sun City Center, FL, Ruskin, FL, Osprey, FL, Venice, FL, Ocala, FL and throughout Florida. Zip codes served are: 33647, 33618, 33613, 33629, 33612, 33617, 33635, 33604, 33615, 33634, 33614, 33604, 33610, 33603, 33607, 33609, 33605, 33602, 33619, 33606, 33629, 33606, 33609, 33611, 33616, 33621, 34236, 34234, 34230, 34205, 34243, 34236, 34239, 34232, 34209, 34242, 34231, 34228, 34202, 34240, 34241, 34240.

In addition, we design and build outdoor fountains and waterfalls and residential swimming pools and provide pool renovation and hardscaping services.

* NSF-50 certification is the official standard established and continuously refined by the National Swimming Foundation. NSF Standard 50 Establishes minimum requirements for material health effects, product design, and the overall performance requirements for pool filters, filtration systems, filer media, pumps, strainers, flow/pressure meters, valves, drains, suction fittings, hose, piping, fittings, process equipment, chemical feeders, pool alarms, automatic controllers, among several other types of pool products.
Preferred Pools and Patios is the leading builder of swimming pools in the greater Tampa metropolitan area. To date, we have designed and built over 7,000 commercial, club, institutional, and residential pools.
Preferred Pools and Patios specializes in designing and building high quality steel and grunite swimming pools, spas, architectural fountains, and hardscaping projects. Our company was founded in 1980. Disclaimer: some pictures used on this site are representative of actual jobs done, and are the property of their respective owners.
We have years of experience designing and constructing spas throughout the Tampa Bay area. For more information about our spa building services, call (813) 247-7665.

We have decades of experience designing and building commercial pools in the hotel and lodging industry. We strive to keep our knowledge current about developments in the industry, such as the new federal guidelines for ADA access.
Preferred Pools and Patios is a leader in the use of eco-friendly pool maintenance products. Contact us about our green pool services today.

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Preferred Pools and Patios is skilled in all areas of custom pool construction, and is ready to custom build your next county club or other private club pool.
Preferred Pools and Patios is highly skilled in all areas of commercial design, construction and management. Call us at (813) 247-7665 about your next institutional pool construction.
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