Preferred Pools & Spas are your experts in the Construction & Renovation of Commercial Pools for Hotels, Apartments, & Condominiums in Florida.

For over 40 years, we have worked with major construction companies in planning, designing, and building custom pools for large franchise hotel chains, small independent hotels, and multi-family residential properties.

As a leading Florida swimming pool company, we pride ourselves on exceeding our customers’ expectations.

We look forward to continuing our dedication to designing, building, and renovating world-class hotels, apartment complexes, and condominium development pools.


Below are some of the most general Frequently Asked Questions you may have related to building your pool. For FAQs related specifically to Residential Pools, Commercial Pools, Hardscape, or Architectural Fountains, please look at our pages on each of these services.

  • How Many Pools Have You Built?
  • Can I Speak to a Few of Your Customers?
  • Are You Insured?
  • What’s the Timeline for Completion?
  • What’s Included in My Contract?
  • Do You Guarantee Your Work?
  • Ask Yourself: Do I Feel Comfortable?

Your contract should request to have a full-drawn diagram of your pool design with size, dimensions, depth, water feature placements, as well as plumbing drains, and anything else that will be in the pool design.

Complete specifications and a stated warranty of a least one year.

A payment schedule tied to each work step completed.

  • Know your zoning laws, including setbacks and easements.
  • Understand the issues you may encounter during the permitting process. I’ll always explain these potential issues, whereas many of my competitors don’t, leading to you, as the homeowner, ‘surprise delays’.
  • Decide on the type of pool you want, including the pool size, shape of pool, features, electrical, tech size and type, screening, and the footers for needed for pool screening.
  • Look toward longevity.
  • Seek a quality circulation system.
  • Think about how much you can maintain.
  • Weigh water features and lighting.
  • Don’t forget landscaping.
  • Determine your budget.
  • Compare prices.
  • Know your contractor.

  • Step 1: Design & Layout
  • Step 2: The Dig & Shape
  • Step 3: Steel Installation
  • Step 4: Rough Plumbing & Electrical Bonding
  • Step 5: Shotcrete
  • Step 6: Tile and Pressure Plumbing
  • Step 7: Final Electrical & Designing
  • Step 8: Setting Equipment
  • Step 9: Interior Finish
  • Step 10: Remove Final Coating of the Deck
  • Step 11: Cleaning and Grading
  • Step 12: Landscaping (If in Contract)
  • ENJOY!

In much of Florida, the fall and winter months offer stable weather and a controlled environment for pool building. The ground is drier, which allows for a faster and easier installation process. Vegetation is high, meaning this is the best time to plant trees and bushes to dress up your new backyard.

It’s often cheaper to build a pool in the winter because most people book their pool construction for the spring and summer months. Because of this, many pool builders are likely to offer discounts throughout the off-season.

It depends on the time of year, the weather, the permitting time, the pool design, and the related hardscape.

Once getting the pool permits 4 – 8 weeks (plus any delays for permitting backlogs), on average, we can complete your residential pool in 6 to 10 weeks unless there are substantial weather delays, parts delays, or changes to our plan during the construction process.

If you’re in Florida, a pool is worth the investment. You can enjoy it year-round, and it’s attractive to most buyers. If most of the homes in your neighborhood have pools, you should have one. Not having it could make your home more challenging to sell.

A personal reason would you want your own pool – your kids – your most precious asset. When they’re at a neighbor’s pool you are depending on their safely monitoring by someone other than yourself. If you have the nicest pool with the most ‘fun features’, all their friends will want to come to your pool, where you can have them under the safety of your watchful eye.

The permit process could take 4 to 8 weeks (plus any delays for permitting backlogs). Your pool builder relays information from jurisdictions to the engineer, who makes amendments based on their comments and requests. The permitting process can be lengthy, but it’s necessary before building any pool in Florida.